Want to work from your Small Office Home Office trading stocks, earning the financial reward you desire? Then become a SoHo Trader!

Who are SoHo Traders?

You don’t need to have a rocket scientist background to be a consistent profitable equity trader. All you need are the right set of trading plans coupled with self-risk management and you have a winning combination. We will help you from the beginning, so you can trade and profit ASAP. Connect with real people who do this for a living and learn from the pros. All this and more.... Coming SOON!!!

Live Screen Share

You will learn about the best trade setups, how to look for them when other traders fail to see them.

Time saver

Here at SoHo trader, you will learn the tricks of the trade, which will save you time and money!

Stock Alerts!

We will give stock alerts (1-3) to our members on a daily basis, along with a weekly alert newsletter to all our non-members.


Our website and Alert service is on all platforms, desktop, tablet and mobile for traders out there.

Help when needed

We will help all members with their trading questions, setups and executions via email and our chat room.

Any market

We focus is identifying low risk trade setups with a high potential reward outcome. We identify and trade momentum stocks with big intra-day potential – both long and short, so you can profit!

Membership Benefits


How much money do I need to start trading with?

You can really start with anything. Depending on your Brokers requirements. Ideally, I suggest starting with $10,000 – $15,000. But I’ve had member start as low as $500 and slowly build up.

What's the best broker?

Interactive Brokers - I’ve been using them for years and are hands down the best for active traders with low commissions. More Info HERE.

What’s my trading plan?

We focus on swing trading and day trading stocks between $1 - $15. We use scanners to look out for breakouts that are on the verge of making big moves for you to profit on. Sometimes you can make you hundreds of dollars in just a few minutes, close the trade and the day is your own.

Will I lose money?

Yes, sad but true. That is why you need to know how to manage your trading plan, we will teach you all about money management. Our golden rule is never trade more than 5% of your capital in any given trade. In addition, you need to be disciplined enough to take your losses. But with the correct tailored trading plan and money management, your losses will be minimal and profits will be maximum.

Will I be a profitable trader?

YES! But you need to commit yourself to learning and sticking to the trading plan. We will work together as a team and create success for the both of us! Trading is not easy by any means. If it was, everyone would be doing it and we would all be rich. But with my expert knowledge and background I can turn you into a profitable trader much faster than it took me. The catch.... You must be dedicated and ready to LEARN.

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I hope that you will join us and create financial freedom for yourself.
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[Tip for Traders] : When Green, don't get greedy and turn red! Be positive and good luck!

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